Loss of Permanent Resident Status

Loss of Permanent Resident Status

      Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (S.C. 2001, c. 27)

(4) A permanent resident may appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division against a decision made outside of Canada on the residency obligation under section 28.

If you have been informed that you have lost your Permanent Resident Status due to not having fulfilled your residency obligation, you might have a chance in Appeal. It can be a devastating situation, you are shocked and you start your research about the issue. You might go on asking friends or other people, or searching the internet for an answer. However, your time for an Appeal is limited and every hour counts for you.

It can be inside Canada at the time of renewing your PR card, while you are outside of Canada that the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration advises you that you have lost your status. Sometimes even if you have not fulfilled your residency obligation, but you had a legitimate reason for staying abroad, you might be able to file a Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds’ application. In other cases you might be able to ask for consideration of your children or other children directly affected by the decision. At other times maybe, the officer who made the decision has made an error that can be looked into.

Do not waste the time and seek help from a professional. At this stage a Lawyer, A licenced Paralegal or an RCIC whose qualification and credentials allow him to focus on Immigration Matters is the person to call.

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