Why should I retain the services of a professional for my relatives’ Temporary Resident Visa (Visit Visa)?

Why should I retain the services of a professional for my relatives’ Temporary Resident Visa (Visit Visa)?

Among all of the Immigration Classes that I deal with as a Legal Practitioner, Temporary Resident Visas (Work Permit, Study Permit, Visit Visa etc.) is one of the interesting areas. Because all of the forms and the documents checklist for Temporary Resident Visa applications are available on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website, some people are of the opinion that paying a consultant to prepare a visa application is absurd. Well, that isn’t the case. 

I have had clients whose applications were refused multiple times before they came to me for help. Often the reasons for refusal given by the immigration officer are “I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada by the end of your stay” or “you are Inadmissible to Canada”. Immigration is a very complex area of Law, and like other areas of Law, it needs to be taken very seriously and left to the experts to deal with it. 

In most cases, my prospective client believes that they have no chance of applying again. Because most refusal letters end with the officer indicating that the applicant can apply again if their circumstances change, and nothing has changed in their circumstances since their last refusal. Well, I sometimes disagree. A client’s situation does not necessarily need to have changed. Sometimes the change required is a change in the way you put your application together, and how you write your legal documents including the invitation letter, letters of support, letters of explanation, etc. In most cases, I find myself dealing with an application that was drafted very poorly, either by a non-authorized consultant or a “do-it-yourself person” who thought they could do it all by themselves just because their friend applied for a visa for someone and was lucky enough to be successful. Often, people underestimate the differences in their situation and the situation of the person they know who was approved without a consultant. 

No matter how many times legal professionals remind the public that it is a bad idea to handle your own legal matters when you do not have the proper training and education, and that you cannot compare someone else’s application with your situation, there will always be someone who thinks they can do it themselves instead of paying a legal practitioner. 

Now, there is no rule that says you can’t apply for something on your own. You can even represent yourself before the Supreme Court. But the question you need to ask when considering representing yourself is not “Can I do it?” The question you really need to ask is “Is it worth it?” Most of the time, the answer is no. Isn’t it true that each of us has a job we were educated and trained for? If you needed surgery you would not do it yourself. Unless you have the medical training necessary, you do not know for sure that you won’t make things worse. Legal matters require just as much specialized knowledge as medical matters.

Just yesterday, I was dealing with a Temporary Visa case that had been refused twice. As I started preparing the file, I immediately noticed three big mistakes in the previous applications that could have easily distracted the officer from the true facts of the case. I also noticed that the crooked consultant who had worked with the clients before had charged them an unfair amount of money for his services, and was refusing to provide me with a copy of the forms and letters that he had made on the client’s behalf. Because of this, I had to send a request to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to obtain the client’s files. This was so that I could see what has been submitted in their application, and what the reasons for refusal were. After enormous efforts and unnecessary time, we were able to identify the errors and shortcomings. 

Ultimately, we did secure the visa for our client and she came to Canada to be with her daughter for her graduation ceremony. However, it would have been better for everyone if she had retained a real professional from the start. She would have paid less, waited less for her application to be processed, and gone through a less stressful situation. 

Remember, when we, the professionals, put an application together, it typically contains many more documents that what you see on the checklist. The checklist provides you with the basic requirements, the things you cannot apply without. We make sure the file is backed up by concrete evidence and convincing legal reasoning. Despite our hard work, and expert knowledge, we sometimes receive refusal decisions on our clients’ files, as there is no guaranteed outcome in any legal matter. However, it is much better to leave your matter to someone who is not only educated and experienced in the field, but also carries the proper licenses and liability insurance. This way you know in case of an error or an omission, you are protected. 

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