Has your application to come to Canada ever been refused?

Has your application to come to Canada ever been refused?

Here are some situations where you might want to consider requesting a detailed file report:

  • You want to know the status of your application, and what has happened with it so far
  • You have applied to Canada for something before, but you do not remember what information you gave in that application
  • You application status has been in process for a long time and you have no news on your file
  • You want to know the results of an immigration medical test
  • You have been invited for a visa interview
  • You want to know what you said to an immigration officer during an interview
  • Your visa application has been denied and you want to know why
  • You want to understand the processing steps of your application
  • You want to apply for a Canadian visa for a second time
  • You were removed (deported) from Canada or you are facing a removal order and you would like to know your options

At MCIS, legal and Immigration Services, we deal with clients from a great variety of countries, on a daily basis, whose application has been refused before coming to us.  

The majority of times, the applicant has been refused time and time again, and the reasons are somewhat difficult to understand. Since Canada and the United States of America share information regarding an immigration application of a person with each other, there is a possibility that any problems in a person’s Canadian application can affect an American application–and vice versa. Having been refused to either of these two countries can negatively affect the opportunity to enter the other.

We receive clients that tell us about unauthorized representatives–Crooked Consultants– who charge a significant fee amount.  Some of these people do not have the legal legitimacy, licensing or education, therefore, due to their lack of experience and professionalism; also with providing misleading and at times untrue information in the applications, they cause the immigration officer to come to the conclusion that the applicant is lying or misrepresenting themselves about a certain fact. This can lead to the applicant to being refused, and could possibly lead to being banned from Canada for up to five years or even longer.

Often times, when a Temporary Resident Visa application, such as work permits, study permits, visitor visa, or Permanent Resident Visa  applications, such as humanitarian and compassionate applications is refused, the applicant receives a refusal letter from the embassy. This letter indicates the officer’s reasons for refusal. However, usually, this letter does not provide all the in-depth information about the reasoning and facts as to why the application was refused. When a Canadian immigration Officer is assessing an application, they might consult with other bodies of the government and inquire about the applicant. Examples of these bodies include Canada Border Services Agency, other Canadian Embassies around the world, Immigration and Refugee Board as well as other countries’ embassies and their border agencies.  The results and effects of these activities can be found in the officer’s inter-organizational notes.

At MCIS Legal and Immigration Services–with our hands-on experience and proper education–we have the possibility of requesting these inter-organizational notes and documents. Most times they are received in the form of complicated and abbreviated codes. When we receive these discoveries from the organizations like Boarder Services and Canadian Immigration, we assess the files, interpret the coding and try to make sense of the specific reasons behind the applicant’s refusal. These discoveries can be in the form of paper, electronic files, sound files, or any other formats depending on the classifications.

Without being informed of the issues and problems in your previous applications, it is not advisable to create a new application. Occasionally, it can lead to worsening the situation. Having dealt with hundreds of clients from over 25 countries around the world, we at MCIS Legal Immigrations Services are confident that we can provide you with professional services.

If you or one of your relatives have been refused for your Canadian visa and you are interested in identifying the hidden issues, and attempting to solve them and, obtaining your Canadian visa lawfully and legally, contact us today.

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