Self-Employed Program

The Canadian Immigration Self-Employed Program was designed to attract foreign nationals who intend and are eligible to become self-employed in Canada.This program is available for all provinces except for Quebec, which has their own Quebec Self-Employed Program.

To be eligible and to qualify for this program, applicants must have the relevant experience, intention and ability to either, make a significant contribution to the sporting or cultural life in Canada as athletes or artisans at an international level, or, to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.

Relevant experience is not the same as business experience. Relevant experience under this program is defined as:

          at least two years experience of participation in cultural activities or athletics at a world class level

          at least two years experience of self-employment in cultural activities of athletics, of

          at least two years of farm management experience

The Citizenship Immigration Canada, or “CIC”, provides examples to help officers when assessing relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics, these include, but are not limited to; librarians, conservators and curators, translators, terminologists and interpreters, music teachers, painters, filmmakers, illustrators, freelance journalists, choreographers, set designers, and coaches, athletes and trainers. Management experience includes theatrical or musical directors and impresarios.

Once an applicant is found to have met these requirements of Self-Employed Persons, all applicants will then be assessed based on select criteria. A minimum of 35 points out of 100 potential points must be achieved if they want to immigrate to Canada as a self-employed person. This selection criterion is based on, but not limited to, education, experience, and age, ability in English and/or French and, adaptability.

After the applicant has met the requirements of the self-employed persons and has a score on the selection criteria, the applicant and their immediate family must complete medical exams and security risk assessments. The applicant must also be able to demonstrate that they will have sufficient funds to support themselves and their family members for settlement when they arrive in Canada.

The above mentioned are one of three qualifications to be eligible as a self-employed person. Each province has its own laws which the activities a self-employed person is decided. In addition to these qualifications, if the individual does meet all the selection criteria, they also must clear medical, security and other conditions. Please keep in mind that you will also be assessed on all experience, education, age, language abilities as well as adaptability.

Selection Factors

Once applicants meets the definitions of “Self-Employed Persons”, they will then be assessed based on the selection criteria that you can find in the table below. Applicants must acquire a minimum of 35 point out of 100 potential points if they want to immigrate to Canada as a self-employed person.









Ability in French and/or English






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