Changes to Canada’s immigration policy that benefit international students and their families

Changes to Canada’s immigration policy that benefit international students and their families

International students are recognized to be the most favourable group of immigrants (age, skills, ability to communicate in English and French). Hence, to support them the express entry is planning to assign more points for them and to facilitate the procedure to become permanent residents. In addition, the current government is looking forward “to issue up to 20,000 visas in the parent and grandparents sponsorship applications”. Moreover, recently it was mentioned that there is room for more improvements, like allowing more immigrants, faster handling in the family reunification program and increase in funding for resettlement programs.

However as big cities are becoming overpopulated of new immigrants, the government has been working to welcome future new immigrants in other provinces. To ensure this happens, the government is making sure that communities and companies across Canada are welcoming and responsive towards the immigrants. As one of the advancement, the government is looking forward to introduce a faster system to accredit foreign degrees in the Atlantic side of Canada.

Consequently, the Refugees and Citizenship Minister, John McCallum, mentioned that Canada is a nation founded and will be maintained by immigrants, especially at this moment as the number of the elderly individuals is increasing. He also revealed that during his travel throughout Canada, people have expressed to him that very soon but not far in future [“we need more immigrants”.] the need of immigrants will increase.

Retrieved from: Brampton Guardian

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