Breaking: Bill C6 to amend the Citizenship Act has been passed by the Senate

Breaking: Bill C6 to amend the Citizenship Act has been passed by the Senate.

The long waited for bill C 6 to amend Canada’s Citizenship Act was passed by the Senate with amendments today, May 3rd, 2017. The controversial bill C24 introduced and passed by the previous conservative government that had made applying for citizenship harder for immigrants is to be mostly repealed by the new bill-C6, which is now awaiting royal assent.

C-6 facilitates the path that for permanent residents in becoming Canadian Citizens. The time spent in Canada for Permanent Residents before becoming eligible for citizenship will change from four out of six years to three out five years. Also, applicants who spent time in Canada on temporary status e.g.  work permit/study permit will have the ability to use a certain percentage of this time and add it to the three-year requirement.

Furthermore, a very controversial part of the bill C24–which is now the law in place–requiring applicants to sign a letter of intent to live permanently in Canada after becoming a citizen will also be lifted. Additionally, the age requirement for language proficiency is to be in increased and facilitated.

Among the other changes in the billed is that persons who have their citizenship revoked due to fraud or misrepresentation will have the right to appeal the decision in Federal Court. This change strips the government of a unilateral power that it had gained in revoking citizenships since C24 had passed.

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