42% of November immigrants settled in Ontario

42% of November immigrants settled in Ontario


Ontario remains the most popular destination for Canadian immigrants. According to the figures by IRCC, Canada admitted 25,100 new Permanent Residents in November 2019 and 10,635 (42.37%) of them had chosen to settle in Ontario.

If we compare this figure to data from eleven months of 2019 – this number will be even bigger – 45% of new PRs immigrated to Ontario.

British Columbia admitted 3,810 (15.18%) immigrants in November; Quebec welcomed 3,655 (14.56%) newcomers; Alberta was the fourth most popular destination for immigrants – 3,245 (12.93%). 1,350 newcomers settled in Manitoba; another 1,090 new Canadians favored Saskatchewan.

The four Atlantic Provinces combined greeted 1,255 immigrants: Nova Scotia – 505; New Brunswick – 420; Newfoundland and Labrador – 170; and Prince Edward Island – 160.

The northern territories became home for 60 immigrants: – Yukon admitted 35, Northwest Territories accepted 20 immigrants, and Nunavut welcomed 5 newcomers. So far, Canada admitted 320,300 Permanent Residents in 2019.

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