Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Most employers need an authorization from the Employment and Social Development Canada before they can hire a temporary worker. If you are an employer who is struggling to find a Canadian worker to the job, you might qualify to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

With a positive LMIA, the employer will be able to hire a qualified foreign worker to the job. A confirmation letter will be sent to the temporary worker and the foreign worker will be able to apply for a work permit and even have the permanent residence application supported under the Express Entry system.

To be eligible and to qualify for this program, an employer must prove that the foreign worker will fill labour and skills shortages, transfer his / her skills and knowledge for the benefit of Canadians and create jobs for Canadians. Employers must conduct recruitment efforts to hire Canadians before offering a job to the foreign worker.

There are several steps in order to apply for a LMIA application: Step 1: Determine the prevailing wage of the offered position; Step 2: Post job ads for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks within the three months prior to submitting the LMIA application; Step 3: Gather the required documents; Step 4: Fill out the required forms. Step 5: Send a completed and signed an application to the Service Canada Centre responsible for processing the type of application. We at MCIS provide all assistance to the employer in order to apply for an LMIA. We also provide assistance to the prospective foreign worker by applying for a work permit when a positive LMIA is issued and assessing the eligibility under the Express Entry stream. Contact us today to know more about the LMIA procedures.

However, there are cases in which the person may be exempt from the need for an LMIA:

Employers hiring foreign workers through the International Mobility Program do not need an LMIA. These people need a work permit but do not need an LMIA:

  • Workers covered under international agreements
    This group can include:

    • professionals,
    • traders,
    • Investors.
  • People taking part in exchange programs
    These programs can include:

    • youth exchange programs,
    • teacher exchange programs and
    • Other joint programs.
  • Spouses
    This group can include: Workers, their spouses/common-law partners or their dependents who are eligible for a work permit through a pilot project

    • spouses and common-law partners of certain foreign students who are studying full time (the spouse must not be enrolled in full-time studies) and
    • Spouses and common-law partners of certain skilled foreign workers.
      See Your Spouse Working in Canada.
  • Pilot projects are agreements between the Government of Canada and provincial/territorial governments. Find out if you are eligible to come to Canada through a pilot project.
  • Workers nominated by a province for permanent residence
    the person must have a job offer from an employer based in that province.
  • Entrepreneurs and workers transferred within a company
    this includes workers who will greatly benefit Canadians or permanent residents by working in Canada.
  • Academics
    This includes researchers, guest lecturers, visiting professors and others.
  • Co-op students
    These are international students studying in Canada and doing co-op work placements or internships as part of their study program.
  • Religious workers
    These are people doing charitable or religious work.
  • Others
    These are other people who need to support themselves while they are in Canada, such as those waiting on a refugee claim.

You can get a work permit for Canada for up to three years, during this time your eligible family members may be able to accompany you and even work and/or study in Canada. After a while you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence. You can obtain all the information about Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) by contacting us.

This is not an easy process, it needs skill and experience, and we will make it easy for you.

Contact us today and ask for your eligibility for Canadian visa or immigration plans. You may fill out the free immigration evaluation form and after we assess your eligibility our staff will contact you.

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