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We are active in various areas of immigration, provide an excellent understanding of the Canadian Law and proceedings. We are confident that we can represent clients with most complex matters before the relevant administrative bodies such as Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Immigration Division, Immigration Appeal Division, Immigration and Citizenship Canada, Canadian border Service Agency and other Tribunals involved in the Immigration Process.

Our services extend from meeting with the clients, assessing their situation, giving advice; correspond with government authorities on behalf of the client, draft documents such as Immigration forms, business plans, Invitation letters, legal submissions etc., to representing them before the above-mentioned Tribunals and relevant Administrative bodies. We proudly serve our clients in multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Persian, Arabic and Turkish; without any extra charge of interpretation.

We are pleased to assist our clients with our accurate and suitable advice and representation in their Immigration matter which can be called one of the most important changes in any person’s life. We are also committed to preserving our clients’ time and financial resources to the best of our ability. This is only possible by being professional, being up-to-date with the laws and regulations, and also being candid and honest with the clients at all times.

 Hadi Mansouri

Immigration Consultant

Hadi Mansouri is a P1 licensee of the Law Society of Ontario Canada and a Commissioner of Taking Oaths and Affidavits

 a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in Good Standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council


(ICCRC Hadi Mansouri, RCIC R512494), also a Registered Member in good standing with CAPICThe Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants.

Mr. Mansouri is also a member of the Canadian Defence Lawyers foundation (member number 105408)

Mr. Mansouri has been a guest speaker at various educational and legal-related events. Mr. Mansouri has also been active as a guest instructor

at the Algonquin Careers Academy’s Legal-Studies classes, as well as educating interns in different fields of Immigration law and other

legal aspects including Ethical Codes.  He is proud to provide our clients with accurate advice, strong representation, and full commitment. Mr. Mansouri, graduated from the Immigration Consultant program provided by the Former Immigration Consultants Regulatory Body-CSIC E-Academy (an accredited institution by the ICCRC), and is Licensed by the ICCRC to practice in immigration. He is also a graduate of the Paralegal Program at Algonquin Careers Academy (an institution accredited by the Law Society of Ontario Canada).  Mr. Mansouri is also an official agent of The Algonquin College for international students.

Hamed Mansouri

​Licensed Immigration Consultant

Hamed Mansouri has a Bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching, he graduated with honor from Masters of Art in Education from

California State University, Los Angeles

Hamed Mansouri continued his education at Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership ( Ed.D.) at California State University, Los Angeles. 

Mr. Mansouri is a registered agent of MCIS, acknowledged by the ICCRC. He works as an immigration agent to help clients gather their documents, forms, and the important little details of their immigration situations. With his knowledge of education, he helps MCIS clients who are seeking to apply and continue their education in Canada. He is also a member of Teachers Without Borders Organization.  Hamed Mansouri is a member of International Honor Society in Education.

Gitanjali Gupta

Gitanjali Gupta is an immigration agent with Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services; she serves to help clients gather important documents,

forms, and important details of their immigration situation. She is also certified Financial Advisor licensed to Immigration Practitionerpractice in Ontario and

an Insurance Broker in Canada. (Travel, Life, Disability, andCritical) She is committed to providing clients with accurate advice, and amazing customer service. She is a graduate of the Paralegal Program at Algonquin Careers Academy

(an institution accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada.)

Shagana Uthayakumar

Immigration Advisor


Ms. Shagana Uthayakumar is an immigration agent with Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services. She is committed to meet significant client service expectations. She received her Honours of Bachelor of Arts with specialization in French Studies from the University of Ottawa. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC). She completed the Immigration Consultant

Diploma Program at Herzing College (institution accredited by ICCRC) in Toronto. Ms.Uthayakumar is fluent in English, French, and Italian.


Pouya Taghiee

About Us

Mr. Taghiee has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

He previously worked as an Airline’s  airport Manager, Travel Manager, Hotel Manager, MICE Department deputy director since 1999.

Mr. Taghiee has an exceptional knowledge of marketing, customer care, and communication.    

He provides our clients with services such as: helping them to gather their documents, filling their immigration forms,

keeping clients up to date regarding their file in the most professional manner. 

The ICCRC, as a regulator of the profession, supervises and observes the regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants’ practice inside and outside of Canada.

According to Canadian Law, Practitioners who represent people in Immigration Matters or give advice regarding issues of Immigration and Citizenship must be registered members in good standing with the ICCRC and carry Errors and Omission Insurance and conduct themselves in accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics; in order to preserve the rights of the public and maintain the integrity of the profession.  In addition, regulated members must take a minimum of designated Continuing Professional Development courses, in order to be up-to-date with the ever-changing rules and laws of Canadian Immigration.   

The ICCRC sets the rules of practice and deals with the complaints made about any Immigration Consultant. Thanks to the precise regulation and control of the Council; Immigrants and Clients who retain the services of a Consultant, can make sure that the Consultant carries on business in accordance to the rules. However, in case an error by the Consultant that brings disadvantage to the process of the application at any time, the Council is a Board that is committed to disciplining the Consultant. Also, the damages done to the client by the Consultant are compensable, hence the Professional Liability Insurance.

If you have any questions about Canadian Immigration or need advice about your existing matter, feel free to contact us. Also, to learn about our services please click here.

Contact us today and ask for your eligibility for Canadian visa or immigration plans. You may fill out the free immigration evaluation form and after we assess your eligibility our staff will contact you.

Canada: +1 (604) 468- 5747

Vancouver Office (Head Office): 211- 3030 Lincoln Ave., Coquitlam, BC V3B 6B4

Vancouver Downtown Office: 1300, 1500 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z6
(by appointment only)

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