At least fifteen Hong Kong protesters have successfully obtained asylum in Canada


As the situation in Hong Kong continues to deteriorate, the Canadian government has sped up the process of approving refugee claims from Hong Kongers. So far, at least fifteen people have been approved. In addition, if the situation becomes critical, Canada is also prepared to evacuate overseas citizens from Hong Kong. About fifteen Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters have already submitted refugee claims to Canada. The New Hong Kong Cultural Club has been actively helping these refugee claimants. Hong Shu, one of the people in charge at the Club, said that so far, fourteen people have successfully obtained asylum, and another person, with the assistance of another group, also got asylum. Hong expects more applications to be approved in the foreseeable future. At first, it was hard to help these people, because immigration officials and immigration judges didn’t really understand the situation in Hong Kong, but after the national security legislation took effect in July last year, officials recognized the seriousness of the situation, so they expedited the processing, and it’s expected that 6-7 applicants will soon be able to obtain asylum.