Canada admitted 4,020 French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec

Canada admitted 4,020 French-speaking immigrants outside QuebecAccording to the calculations of IRCC, between January 1 and August 31, 2019, Canada granted permanent residence to 4,020 French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec. Among them, 2,445 were in the Economic Class, 760 in the Family Class, and 780 were admitted as Resettled Refugees & Protected Persons. As for the Economic Class, 1,950 of Economic Francophone newcomers immigrated via the Express Entry system, while 490 via other Economic programs, which are not aligned with Express Entry. 2,430 of French-speaking immigrants settled in Ontario, 495 in British Columbia, 365 in New Brunswick, and 315 in Alberta. This data covers permanent residents with French as Mother Tongue and those with Mother Tongue other than French or English and with “French Only” as Official Language Spoken (excluding “Both English and French”).

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