Canadians again have shown a positive attitude towards the increase rate of immigrants moving to Canada according to a new opinion survey conducted in 2018.

Majority of the population stated that immigration has a positive impact on Canadian society and its social, economic, and political state of being. This positive point of view has been steady within Canadian for the past seven (7) years.

It is notable that Canadians do not consider immigration as a national problem, however, it is in their core belief that immigrants should be learning and adopting to the Canadian values, so they can integrate into the society faster.

Interestingly, British Columbia has the most positive attitude towards immigration, with sixty-three (63) percent of respondents rejecting the idea that Canada accepts too many immigrants. However, Alberta is the province that showed a slight negativity toward the high rate of immigration acceptance as forty-two (42) percent of those interviewed said that Canada welcomes too many immigrants. This view is also validated by the Canadians with no more than high school education.

This trend is also evident within the two major Parties of Canadian politicians. The Liberal governments are prone to the increase rate of accepting immigrants whereas the Conservative Party of Canada hold negative attitudes towards the idea of immigration.


Source: CIC News


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