Canada is the fifth-largest destination for Italian immigrants


The face of Italian immigration has changed over previous generations. The Italian National Statistics Institute ISTAT released a study on Italian emigration in 2019. Researcher Francesca Licari said emigration from Italy had increased over 2018. 180,000 Italians left Italy in 2019, an increase of 14.4% over 2018. 75% were over 25 years old and over 30% had at least one university degree. Delfina Licata of the Migrantes Foundation confirmed that emigration had increased and that the profile of emigrants had changed. They are more educated, older and have families. The greatest proportion comes from Lombardy, with Sicily and Veneto in second place. The leading settlement countries were the UK and Germany. Canada was in fifth place, with 1,286 Italians immigrating to Canada in 2019. Rome and Ottawa recently signed an agreement for the International Experience Canada program, which has not entered into effect yet.