Child and Parent Sponsorship


One of the guiding principles behind Canada’s immigration policy is to keep families together. The broad Family Class stream of immigration includes a number of pathways to permanent residency. As is the case in any immigration application, there is some work to be done, but Mansouri Firm can help you decide which one is the right program for you. And while there can never be a guarantee that your application will be successful, our experts will work with you to ensure that you are presenting the strongest application possible.



The Family Class stream for immigration to Canada is broad and inviting. In fact, one of the main objectives of Canada’s overall immigration vision to assist with the reunification of families here. Many newcomers to Canada who have been able to establish themselves here feel that this country would be a great place for their children and/or parents to come to. If you have obtained Canadian citizenship or permanent residency and you plan to bring your family to Canada, but you are unsure of how to go about this, please feel free to contact us to learn more.



In order to sponsor your family members, there are a number of requirements that must be met. Beyond holding Canadian citizenship or permanent residency you will need to demonstrate that you have established yourself economically, and that you are eligible, willing, and able to comply with a sponsorship undertaking. The period of time that you will be financially responsible for the applying person depends on which family member(s) you are sponsoring, but the experts at Mansouri Firm can ensure that you understand exactly what you are signing up for.



Like many other newcomers to Canada who are established and capable of sponsoring family members, you may be able to help your spouse or common-law partner (whether currently in Canada or not), conjugal partner, children, and/or parents come immigrate to Canada. It may even be possible to sponsor grandparents to become permanent residents, though this is difficult. However, the recently introduced Super Visa may be a solution here. Please see our page regarding the Super Visa under “Services”.



The different sponsorship and immigration application processes are unique and particular, and it is recommended that an experienced immigration professional is consulted to help you determine your best pathway forward. Any error or missed deadline could result in processing delay, or worse, rejection of your application. Let Mansouri Firm help you present the strongest application possible.



What Will I Be Responsible for in Sponsorship?


A sponsorship undertaking is a promise to provide financial support for the person you are sponsoring. While the length of sponsorship undertaking will vary depending on the family member you are sponsoring, the range can be from three years to twenty years. It is important to understand what you are promising to do, and how long this promise is in effect. Mansouri Firm can make sure you understand exactly what you are signing up for. There is much more involved in this application process, and this is where our team of experts can help ensure that your application is complete, and STRONG!




Why Work with Us?

The experts at Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) are here for you. We are dedicated and attentive. Our aim is to help you understand your options, and to guide you along the complex application process ahead.  Every case is unique, so we make sure that we understand your personal situation. We have experience with a great number of immigration programs for Canada, and we will do our best to find the right pathway for you.

The details of your application are critical. The timelines involved in this process are also very important. The assistance of the experienced immigration professionals at Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) will give you the peace of mind on two fronts: First, we will ensure that you understand the best immigration program options available to you. Second, you can feel certain that your application has been completed accurately, and meets every deadline. The consequences of even minor errors and/or inattention to detail can lead to results ranging from delays to having your application rejected permanently, so let Mansouri Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) assist you toward achieving your specific immigration goals.