Express entry

Canada’s Express Entry program is an online based selection process operated by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It is primarily used manage the three Economic Class streams of immigration, which are programs designed to attract skilled immigrants who would like to become permanent residents of Canada. Express Entry may seem complex, but it has improved the application experience for those who qualify under one of the programs under its purview. Ask the experts at Mansouri Firm if Express Entry might be an option for you!


Express Entry is not an immigration category in its own right, but it makes the process of applying through an Economic Class program more efficient for all parties involved.



The three Economic Class programs that are involved in Express Entry are:

  • the Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • the Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • the Canadian Experience Class



These programs will draw on your qualifications and your employment history, whether inside or outside Canada, to determine if your skills and/or experience can help fill labor shortages in Canada. If you meet the criteria of the respective programs, an application for permanent residency can be initiated through the Express Entry program.



Mansouri Firm can help you determine whether or not you are eligible for the Express Entry program. If you are eligible, we will start by creating your online profile, gathering the required documents, and working with you to understand which Economic Class stream may be the best fit for you.





Comprehensive Ranking System

Express Entry will take your information into account and you will earn points based on criteria such as your skills, experience, education, etc. These points are added up to grant you a score under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Your score will help IRCC select the highest-ranking candidates from among the pool of candidates and invite them to apply for permanent residence during draws that typically occur once or twice monthly. If your score meets the threshold at the time that IRCC conducts their draw, you may receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency.




Express Entry Points

Your Comprehensive Ranking System score is determined by taking into account:


  • Years of experience in your field
  • Your level of education
  • Whether the experience and/or education was obtained inside or outside Canada
  • Your English and/or French abilities
  • And much more…


If you are under the age of 45 years of age, or if you already have a valid job offer, or if you have an accompanying spouse with certain educational, experience, and language skills, there are additional opportunities available to earn points.



**Provincial nominee programs can access the Express Entry system. A nomination from a province or territory will go a long way toward boosting your CRS score.



The team at Mansouri Firm will make sure that all points that may be available to you are accounted for. Every application is unique, so there is no template to follow that will ensure success. Applications must be completed honestly and precisely, and deadlines must be met. Speak with our experts and we will help you navigate the difficult Express Entry application process.



In addition to your CRS score, there are other factors that come into play in determining whether or not you might receive an ITA. The frequency of draws (there is no formal policy to conduct a specific number of draws per month), the size of a draw (how many ITA will be issued?), or the program the government is focused on for a particular draw (they may invite only Foreign Skilled Trades Workers, for example) can play a role in your likelihood of receiving an ITA.



Express Entry Timelines

As mentioned, Express Entry is not simply another immigration stream in and of itself. It is an online application system that is meant to create efficiencies in the process for everyone involved. When you build initiate the Express Entry process, your eligible profile will remain in the application pool for a maximum of 12 months. If the IRCC does not invite you to apply for permanent residency within 12 months, your profile will be closed and you will have to restart the process. This is intended to prevent backlogs, as this is an extremely popular program.



If, however, IRCC invites you to apply, you then have 60 days to prepare and submit your application for permanent residency online. Mansouri Firm can help you at each stage of this process.




Why Work with Us?

The experts at Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) are here for you. We are dedicated and attentive. Our aim is to help you understand your options, and to guide you along the complex application process ahead.  Every case is unique, so we make sure that we understand your personal situation. We have experience with a great number of immigration programs for Canada, and we will do our best to find the right pathway for you.

The details of your application are critical. The timelines involved in this process are also very important. The assistance of the experienced immigration professionals at Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) will give you the peace of mind on two fronts: First, we will ensure that you understand the best immigration program options available to you. Second, you can feel certain that your application has been completed accurately, and meets every deadline. The consequences of even minor errors and/or inattention to detail can lead to results ranging from delays to having your application rejected permanently, so let Mansouri Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) assist you toward achieving your specific immigration goals.