BC PNP Entrepreneurship Streams

With an encouraging approach amenable to fostering entrepreneurship, Canada, through partnerships with the provinces and territories, provides a fertile ground for launching and operating a business. Under British Columbia’s PNP program some of the key requirements for entrepreneurs to consider include meeting a specific net worth threshold, and demonstrating past experience in business management. Of course, you must also meet legal eligibility requirements for immigration to Canada. Beyond these requirements, you will be expected to establish a new business, or take over the operation of an existing one, while personally investing some of your own money into the venture. Your business must also create new full-time jobs for Canadians.



British Columbia’s Entrepreneurship streams include a “Base Program” and a “Regional Pilot Program”. The specific requirements mentioned above may  differ depending on which of these programs you apply to, which in turn depends largely on the region within British Columbia that you wish to immigrate to. The “Regional Pilot Program” exists in large part as a means to encourage entrepreneurs to consider setting up in less populated regions of the province, where immigration goals are not met as easily as in some of the larger urban centers like Vancouver or Victoria. However, while there are strong incentives attached to the “Regional Pilot” there are also some additional requirements. For example, there are Conversely, the personal net worth and investment criteria are significantly lower in the “Regional Pilot” as compared to the “Base Program”. There are other differences to be aware of too, so please ask our immigration experts for more information about the specifics of the criteria for either stream.



Canada’s other provinces offer entrepreneurship streams through their own Provincial Nominee Programs. The specific details within each province may differ as the focus is gauged from within each province, so you should understand your options. To illustrate how programs will differ from region to region, consider a few examples. There are programs in place to encourage experienced farmers to immigrate to prairie provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan, where large scale farms are a major contributor to those provinces’ economies.



To be clear: Canada needs more entrepreneurs.  Whether you choose to pursue permanent residency in BC or one of the other Canadian provinces, you will need to be aware of what is expected of you. Even if you are successful in your application for permanent residency, there will be responsibilities to adhere to in order to maintain your status in Canada. Seem like a lot? It is! But this is where we can help. Our team of experts has the experience to help set you on the right path toward immigration to Canada, and we can help you prepare the strongest application possible. The experts at Mansouri Firm will be able to ensure that you understand all requirements, at every stage of the overall process.






Why Work with Us?

The experts at Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) are here for you. We are dedicated and attentive. Our aim is to help you understand your options, and to guide you along the complex application process ahead.  Every case is unique, so we make sure that we understand your personal situation. We have experience with a great number of immigration programs for Canada, and we will do our best to find the right pathway for you.

The details of your application are critical. The timelines involved in this process are also very important. The assistance of the experienced immigration professionals at Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) will give you the peace of mind on two fronts: First, we will ensure that you understand the best immigration program options available to you. Second, you can feel certain that your application has been completed accurately, and meets every deadline. The consequences of even minor errors and/or inattention to detail can lead to results ranging from delays to having your application rejected permanently, so let Mansouri Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) assist you toward achieving your specific immigration goals.

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