Most travel-friendly passports in the world

Most travel-friendly passports in the world

The Canadian passport is ranked 9th on the list of ‘most powerful passports’ in the age of corona-virus

The Henley Passport Index, the ranking which measures the most travel-friendly passports in the world, has updated the positions of the leaders. Japan is now topping the 2020 ranking, as Japanese citizens can visit a record-breaking 191 countries in the world without a visa.

Singapore passport is ranked second place in the Q2 2020 ranking having a score of 190. The third place is shared by Germany and South Korea. Citizens of these states can visit 189 countries without applying for an entry visa.

The Czech Republic, Greece, Malta and New Zealand, shared eighth place with a score of 184. As for the English-speaking countries, the United Kingdom and the United States got a score of 185, while Canada and Australia tied for ninth place with a score of 183.