Multi-year Immigration Plan

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) announced that it is scheduled to receive $747 million to support “Canada’s 2018-2020 Immigration Levels Plan” under this year’s federal budget.


This amount will be a part of a total of $875 million that was set aside by Canada’s federal government for its shift to a multi-year immigration levels plan, this includes:


  • $196 million over 5 years for the Temporary Foreign Workers Program
  • $32 million over 3 years for a pilot project which will be supporting newcomers women of a visible minority to remove possible employment challenges
  • $17 million to process asylum claims of the irregular migration at the Canada-United Stated border during 2018-2019
  • $7 million over 5 years and $800,000 per year ongoing, to establish the Start-up Visa Program as a permanent way for immigration, which will allow foreign entrepreneurs to become permanent residents and create more jobs for Canadians.


Moreover, as Canada welcomes higher amount of immigrants, the settlement costs will be increasing consistently. Hence larger portion of this additional fund will be used toward the settlement services. Meanwhile, the balance will be used to sustain IRCC and its security partners to process and screen applications for permanent residence.


The costs associated with Canada’s immigration plan will be partly balanced by increased revenue from the fees all applicants will be paying for permanent residence as Canada is planning to welcome nearly one million immigrants over the three-year period. Also, it will be balanced by increasing the intake of applicants for economic immigration programs which will also focus on labor shortages and support economic growth.


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