Parliament proposes private bill to prevent spouses from being separated due to the immigration application process


Currently, those who apply for spousal reunification immigration will face a major obstacle, that is, spouses living outside of Canada will be denied visas. Jenny Kwan, a commentator on immigration, refugees and citizenship in the NDP, proposed a private member’s bill in Parliament asking the Canadian government to remove this unreasonable and unfair obstacle. According to Kwan, due to the time required for family reunification applications, many Canadians have silently endured the pain of long-term separation because of the above-mentioned rules. IRCC officials often refuse to issue visiting visas to these spouses overseas, saying that their close ties with Canadians will cause them to overstay. Such speculation is unreasonable and is punishing these families. The pandemic has greatly delayed the time for approving immigration applications. The new bill can help dozens of thousands of such families.