Publicly funded and private college partnerships will continue

Publicly funded and private college partnerships will continueOntario’ Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Ross Romano announced that Ontario colleges will continue under a public-private partnership. Previously, a moratorium was announced through which private colleges that are running in partnership with public-funded colleges were not allowed to take new students after September 2019. But after this announcement, private colleges will be allowed to take new admissions for the January 2020 session. Previously, international students enrolled with private colleges were not eligible to get work permits. Due to partnerships between private and public-funded colleges, these opened their campuses in the Greater Toronto Area and opened the way for foreign students to get a work permit with which the number of foreign students increased in the GTA. As a result of Minister Romano’s announcement, the number of international students will increase further to 15,000 in Brampton and Mississauga.

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