Quebec is losing to Canada the competition for immigrants


Following the launch of the new immigration programs for in-Canada temporary residents, the Federal Minister of Immigration Marco Mendicino called on Quebec to emulate Ottawa. However, the Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration (MIFI), Nadine Girault, declined the recommendation. It is estimated that there are still 25,000 files awaiting permanent residence in Quebec; for the most part, these foreigners are already in the country. Despite these files that have dragged on for years, the federal government did not admit enough permanent residents in 2020 to Quebec to meet Quebec’s immigration threshold set between 43,000 and 44,500. More than 12,000 potential Quebec immigrants are missing. Currently, the inexcusable delays of 27 months, according to IRCC data, and 13 months, according to the MIFI, have widened to obtain permanent resident status in Quebec. Such a gap is unjustifiable. Having that in mind, Quebec immigrants may turn to other Canadian provinces, especially due to the increasing number of programs targeting Francophone immigrants outside Quebec.