Canada has a world-renowned reputation as an excellent destination to study and is becoming a very popular destination for young people who want to generally experience life in a different setting. We boast a number of excellent universities and technical colleges, and the reputation for K-12 education is growing. Our cities are safe and exciting. Thousands of students come to Canada each year to pursue education and experience Canadian life, and the trend is picking up. Recent figures show that there are more than 130,000 students who came to Canada specifically to study and gain international experience. For foreign nationals to study in Canada, they must first obtain a study permit. Mansouri Firm can help you apply for this permit, and help open the door to attending school here in Canada.



A Student Visa is a temporary resident visa issued to eligible foreign nationals who wish to enter Canada to reside here and engage in studies for a fixed period of time, depending on the duration of their studies. In many cases, you may be allowed to work part time. If studying is your main reason for coming to Canada, your main activity should in fact be studying, but you may be permitted to work for up to 20 hours per week during your semester, and full-time during your semester breaks.



You might be able to study in Canada at post-secondary (high school), undergraduate, and graduate levels. Student Visas are typically granted for the specified duration of a course of study, plus an additional three months in Canada. Student Visas can be extended if the student intends on studying further but there are no guarantees that extensions will be granted. Upon graduation, a student might be eligible for a post-graduate work permit, and for a foreign national who has a goal of obtaining permanent residence, this can prove to be very valuable. Canadian education credentials and work experience are highly valued, and may go a long way toward strengthening a permanent residence application.



As with any application for immigration to Canada, precision and timeliness are important. Our team at Mansouri Firm have helped many students fill out their applications correctly and completely, and we have ensured that they are submitted on time according to strict guidelines.



The application process can be tricky. In order to apply for a study permit you will need to have been accepted by a Canadian institution. But if you meet the entry requirements of the school you hope to attend, ultimate acceptance will depend on your ability to successfully obtain your study permit. You will need to be able to prove that you will have sufficient funds to pay for items such as tuition, living expenses, return transportation to your home country, and much more. We can assist you to ensure that your acceptance is not jeopardized by an incomplete or late study permit application, and we will make sure you understand all of your obligations once your application is approved.



And just as there are timelines to be mindful in the application process for your study permit, it should also be noted that the application process takes time so you will be best served by starting the study permit application process as early as possible. If you face any delays in the process, there is always the possibility that you may not have your study permit in time to begin your studies on the first day of classes. All of the independent, yet intertwined deadlines involved in the application process can be managed by the attentive experts at Mansouri Firm in order to minimize the risk to you in commencing your studies in Canada on time.



Which types of programs require a study permit? Will my program qualify me for a post-graduate work permit after completion? How much money will I need have available to qualify for a study permit? Can I bring my husband/wife with me while I study? If so, can he/she work? You may have many questions, and you should! This is a big decision. However, we have answers for you. Let Mansouri Firm assist you with your plan to study in Canada and experience life in this amazing country!



Why Work with Us?

The experts at Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) are here for you. We are dedicated and attentive. Our aim is to help you understand your options, and to guide you along the complex application process ahead.  Every case is unique, so we make sure that we understand your personal situation. We have experience with a great number of immigration programs for Canada, and we will do our best to find the right pathway for you.

The details of your application are critical. The timelines involved in this process are also very important. The assistance of the experienced immigration professionals at Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) will give you the peace of mind on two fronts: First, we will ensure that you understand the best immigration program options available to you. Second, you can feel certain that your application has been completed accurately, and meets every deadline. The consequences of even minor errors and/or inattention to detail can lead to results ranging from delays to having your application rejected permanently, so let Mansouri Immigration Services (or Mansouri Firm) assist you toward achieving your specific immigration goals.