The link to submit payment for the TR2PR pathway is live


With only a few days left to apply for the 90,000 permanent residency positions on May 6, IRCC finally updated the billing details and payment link for the new program. The single application fee is $1,050 ($550 application fee + $500 permanent residency fee). The fee for the accompanying spouse is $1,050 ($550 application fee + $500 permanent residency fee). Additional accompanying expenses for dependent children are $150. If the applicant has never undergone biometric information collection in Canada in the past ten years (when applying for a work permit or a study permit), then the applicant will need to pay an extra $85 per person at the time of this application. The Canadian government recommends that applicants for this TR2PR project pay their fees at the beginning to avoid delays after subsequent approvals are passed. If the applicant’s immigration application is withdrawn or rejected, the federal government will refund the fee.