The number of approved PR applications in caregiver pilots plummeted in 2020


According to the official data by IRCC, in 2020, Canada approved 913 applications for permanent residence in the Home Child Care Provider Pilot (HCP), 260 applications in the Home Support Worker Pilot (HSW) and 1,173 applications in the Interim Pathway for Caregivers. These numbers have been seriously affected by the COVID-19. For instance, in 2019, IRCC approved 2,280 HCP applications and 753 HSW cases. Additionally, IRCC finalized another 9,024 PR applications in the Interim Pathway for Caregivers. This program was closed on October 8, 2019. Overall, this situation is disturbing as many Canadians require the help of caregivers. At the same time, during the COVID-19 quarantine, many working Canadians were forced to stay at home and this temporarily reduced the demand for caregivers.