The number of PGWPs increase by 25% in 2020


In 2020, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issued Post Graduate Work Permits (PGWP) to 122,695 international graduates. This is a 25% increase compared to 2019 when IRCC had granted PGWPs to 98,545 international students. The number of issued PGWPs has significantly increased in the last quarter of 2020. Throughout October, November and December, IRCC issued 23,540, 20,360, and 25335 Post Graduate Work Permits. During the pandemic, IRCC allowed many international graduates to extend their stay in Canada so they can get more chances to apply for permanent residence. The Post Graduate Work Permit Program was established in 2005 as a pathway for international graduates to obtain Canadian work experience. In January 2021, IRCC already issued 15,165 PGWPs.