Top 10 countries of origin of the January Express Entry immigrants


In January 2020 Canada admitted 8,665 new Permanent Residents via the Express Entry system. Most of those newcomers were born in India – 3,555 or 41% of the total immigrants.

The second-largest source of new PRs was China – 620 Chinese immigrants constituted 7.2% of the total new PRs. Nigeria was the third biggest country of origin in January with 590 or 6.8% PRs.

The fourth-largest source of immigrants in the Express Entry was the USA – 320 or 3.7% of the total. The fifth was the UK with 280 or 3.2%. The other countries in the top ten were Brazil and Pakistan – 260 (3%) immigrants each, South Korea – 185 (2.1%), Iran – 180 (2.1%), and France – 165 (1.9%).

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