Will Canada cancel the $630 citizenship application fee?

Will Canada cancel the 0 citizenship application fee?

There was a time in which the Canadian citizenship application fee was only $100. Then the fee was increased to $630. For a family of four, that total amounts to $2,520. Recently, Statistics Canada released a report revealing that the expensive citizenship fee has hindered Canadian permanent residents from applying for citizenship and obtaining a Canadian passport. A Canadian citizen is able to travel to and live in another country freely without the risk of losing their resident status. Although there are clear perks in having a Canadian passport, the number of permanent residents applying for citizenship has fallen drastically over the years. Aside from the fee, requirements such as the language proficiency test, cultural test, and extended periods of stay in Canada have made it more difficult to apply for citizenship. It is unrealistic for the government to cancel the $630 fee all at once. Hence, Justin Trudeau has promised to incrementally reduce the cost in the upcoming four years until applying for citizenship becomes free of charge. According to the IRCC, 176,473 people became Canadian citizens in 2018.

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